Family day landscapes at Schynige Platte

Family day landscapes at Schynige Platte, one of Bernese Oberland most pitoresque places

Messi regrets selling his bitcoins

Messi regrets having sold his bitcoins when it dropped to 30k...

Crypto trading helped Joaquin Phoenix play Joker

Joaquin Phoenix recognises crypto daily trading is a tough job

Gastlosen Tour - great scenery and flora in the Swiss Pre-Alps

Gastlosen Tour, kids free, 11 km medium hike in Swiss Pre-Alps. Great scenery and flora.

Fleurs des Alpes on Royal Walk in Männlichen

Alpine flowers and Swiss Bernese Alps photos

Tennis training video list

List of tennis video lessons and drills to come back to.

Top BTC, ETH contender - Ronaldo has made his choice...

Which one do you think is the best BTC and ETH contender? Cristiano Ronaldo has made his choice...

Heiligenschwendi to Blueme viewing tower family hike

Family friendly hike in Heiligenschwendi to the Blueme observation tower

Zweisimmen, Rinderberg - new entry on my ski areas around Bern list

Surprisingly new entry on my ski areas around Bern list.

Männlichen to Grindelwald downhill in pictures

Enjoy the sun, ski and take some pictures along the way, from Männlichen to Grindelwald

Round the Château de Vaumarcus

Last minute decision lead to this nice walk around the Château de Vaumarcus near Neuchatel, Switzerland

The real 1927 Solvay Conference group picture

A scientist always wears gloves, and a mask.

Favorite ski areas around Bern sorted by car travel time

List with my favorite ski areas around Bern, sorted by car travel time. As metadata, there are links to official websites, Bergfex entries, webcams and pin points for parking.

Happy New Year 2022!

If you also thought 2020 was the worse year ever, you could be in for a surprise in 2021, but there is hope. But, don't hope, be and act!

USR PLus, schimbați fața!

Trebuie să o spunem pe cea dreaptă, marele perdant al acestor alegeri este USR Plus, și cu el speranța într-o schimbare. După o guvernare anterioară marca PSD, cu oamenii și metodele cunoscute și după un an în care PNL și președintele lui, mai puțin al românilor, încearcă să ne convingă că se ghidează după același manual, să nu reușești să mobilizezi oamenii la vot este un mare eșec.

My Favorite Ted Talks

List of my favorite TED talks, to easily come back to, whenever I need to reinvigorate my inspiration

Table tennis practice and drills video list

A list of videos with table tennis drills and skills to learn and practice, to come back to.

Ski Fahren Video List - Einsteiger bis zum Fortgeschrittenen

Eine Video-Liste für Skifahren Lernen und Üben, die sowohl für Einsteiger als auch Forgeschritten geeignet ist.

Ice skating fundamentals video list

A list of videos to help me easier remember ice skating fundamental skills. Once you have mastered theses skills, you will probably skate better than most of the people on the rink.

Awesome video list of volleyball fundamentals

A list of volleyball fundamentals videos covering topics like warm up, passing, setting, serving and attack. It addresses mainly individual game.

Heuberg loop hike in Lake Oeschinen

One of my spectacular hikes yet - Heuberg loop in Lake Oeschinen starting from the top gondola station