I’ve played ping pong occasionally ever since I was a kid, with all kind of improvisations throughout the years if no bat, net or table tennis was available. But, I never played “profesionally” and with time passing less and less. Now I have decided this year will be the year when I play more of my favourite sport and take my play to the next level. I intend to join a table tennis club and practice more, maybe play in one the swiss regional leagues.

First things first - start with some theory. Therefore, as with volleyball, ski or skating, I put up a video list with drills and skills to practice in table tennis, from body posture, foot work, serving, attack, chop and so on.

A special thanks to all the guys making these videos - your hard work is really appreciated.

Table of contents

Body posture

Like with every sport the right body posture is crucial for extended effort and more pleasure?!!!

Ready Position for Table Tennis - 5min

  • Feet wide apart
  • Bend Knees
  • Body compact
  • How far across from the table? - Where your bat touches the middle line
  • How far from the table? - Where your bat can just touch the end of the table when you are in ready position.
  • Receiving serve - consider where they are serving from
  • In the rally - think about the position you have played the ball to

Basic footwork in table tennis - 4min

Learn the basics in Table Tennis footwork.


5 Tips to produce killer spin (Table Tennis Daily) - 8min

  1. Legs and body (nice & low)
  2. Brushing the ball (two drills)
  3. Feeling and control
  4. Bat angle
  5. Acceleration

Top spin

Advanced Forehand Topspin (Loop) PingSkills - 8min

Once you’ve mastered the start and finish position of the forehand topspin, you can start to focus on finer details. In this video we talk about the position of your legs, weight transfer, varying the finish position, incorporating footwork, the use of your wrist, and the angle of your bat for the stroke.

Advanced Backhand Topspin | PingSkills - 5min

In this video we discuss how you can take your backhand topspin to the next level by incorporating more wrist and forearm into your shot, whilst still maintaining a nice low balanced position with your legs.

Counter Topspin | PingSkills - 3min

If you are an aggressive player you still will have times when your opponent attacks first. In these situations you can try to counter attack and this is easier if you are a step back from the table. In this video we teach you how to recognise when to take that step back and how to do it. Hopefully this will get you into a good position to make that counter topspin.


Backhand Topspin Against Backspin | PingSkills - 7min

  • Stand square on
  • Start with your bat low
  • Brush the ball
  • Finish above eye level
  • Follow through past elbow


Learning UNBEATABLE Block - Technique, Tactics | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorial - 10min

Blocking tactics to mess up your opponents | Tom Lodziak - 9min

  • Switch Block @ 0:55
  • Fast Block @ 2:43
  • Slow Block @ 4:03
  • Chop Block @ 5:35

How to do a CHOP BLOCK (with Craig Bryant) - 7min


Forehand Flick - PingSkills - 7min

When your opponent plays a short ball to your forehand, you can play an attacking stroke by using the flick. This stroke is also known as the flip. In this video we teach you everything you need to know to be able to play the forehand flick.

  1. Contact the ball at the peak of the bounce
  2. Get your wrist back to start the stroke
  3. Hit the ball flat like a mini smash
  4. Adjust the angle of your bat depending on the spin
  5. Move your right foot under the table (left foot if left handed)

Backhand Flick - PingSkills - 7min

In this table tennis turorial we teach you how to play the backhand flick. This shot is particularly useful against a short push or a short serve.


Serve Placement | PingSkills - 7min

This video teaching you about the good areas and bad areas to serve the ball

5 ways to make your serves much stronger (with Craig Bryant) - 8min

  1. Keep your serves low
  2. Serve with more spin
  3. Vary the spin and placement
  4. Recover quickly
  5. Practice and experiment

Sidespin (pendulum) serve - tips and tactics - 8min

  • In this video, I show you how to do a forehand sidespin serve (also known as a pendulum serve).
  • This is one of my favourite serves. I like it because you can do lots of different spin and placement variations to put your opponent under pressure.
  • In the video, I explain how to do the serve, how to get lots of spin, how to vary spin and how to use the serve to set up a 3rd ball attack.

3 Steps to master the backspin GHOST SERVE | TableTennisDaily - 9min

The heavy backspin serve that spins back to the net is one that players often want to learn and you may have heard called the ghost serve. This serve can help you understand the process of creating spin on all your other serves too so is fantastic to learn and understand! We’ve created this step by step guide so you can master it too!

Learning Incredible Hook Serve (Super Topspin) - 15min

  • 5:14 hook long backspin
  • 7:14 hook topspin serve
  • 11:26 hook long topspin

How to do top quality BACKHAND serves (with Craig Bryant) - 8min

In this video, top coach and service expert, Craig Bryant, explains how to do very effective backhand serves. Most players serve with their forehand. But backhand serves can be very tricky to return too. You can generate lots of spin, get different angles and do lots of subtle spin variations. In the video, Craig explains the basic backhand service motion. He demonstrates how to generate backspin, sidespin and topspin. And he explains how to use backhand serves effectively in matches.

How to get more spin on your serves (with Craig Bryant) - 7min

In this video, top coach and service expert, Craig Bryant, explains how to get more spin on your serves.

Having spinny serves will help you put your opponent under more pressure, make mistakes or give weaker return of serves.

In the video, Craig shows how to generate spin using your forearm and wrist. He demonstrates how to generate backspin, sidespin and topspin and crucially how to generate MORE backspin, sidespin and topspin.

Brush + wrist + racket speed = SPIN

4 killer serves to destroy your opponents (with Craig Bryant) - 12min

In this video, top coach and service expert, Craig Bryant, explains how to do four of his best serves.

These include…

  • The kicker
  • Fast down the line
  • Super wide sidespin
  • The ghost serve

5 Steps To Master The Reverse Pendulum Serve | Table Tennis - 8min

The reverse serve is one that many players want to learn and add to their game, when executed correctly you can create deadly amounts of spin and it can be very hard to return. Many professional players such as Timo Boll and Fan Zhendong use this serve to devastating effect, so we’ve created this step by step guide so you can master it too!

Serve + 3rd ball attack (with Craig Bryant) - 10min

In this video, top coach and service expert, Craig Bryant, explains how to use your serves to set up 3rd ball attacks. This is where you serve, your opponent returns your serve and you take advantage of any weak or predictable balls with a strong 3rd ball attack.

In the video Craig explains…

  • the importance of expecting your serve to be returned
  • anticipating how your serve will be returned
  • recovery position after your serve
  • serving to suit your style of play
  • ball placement of your 3rd ball attack

Timo Boll super slow motion. Services which side spin, reverse pendulum, backspin

🏓 This video shows various services of Timo Boll in slow motion and HD. In these you can see in more detail the gestures and positions, the grip of the shovel and other details for each of the services performed by this extraordinary and already legendary German tennis player.


Receiving options - 2min

Do you struggle to know how to return serves? In this video Alois explains the options you have against various types of serve

Push or flick (short serves) - 2min

Should you push or flick when receiving a short serve in table tennis? That is the question we answer in this video, and it depends on a number of factors including the spin on the ball and what type of game you like to play.

How to ATTACK short backspin serves - 8min

In this video I show you how to attack short backspin serves using a backhand flick and a forehand flick. Of course, it is fine to push or touch short backspin serves, but if you can learn to attack these serves, you have more options to put your opponents under pressure.

How can I return a short pendulum serve? - 13min


5 Most Effective Strategies To Win At Table Tennis! (Table Tennis Daily)- 11min

In this video we show you 5 effective match winning strategies that will help you improve your game and results. We demonstrate and explain how to implement these strategies as well as showing real life match examples of them in action.

  • Play to elbow
  • Don’t force it
  • Quality of spin
  • Awareness of the opponent
  • Make your serve count

Next steps

Practice, practice, practice!!!


Super Slow Motion 🏓 Cámara lenta. 2015 Men’s World Cup. MA Long, Fan Zhendong & OVTCHAROV

FULL MATCH - Tomokazu Harimoto vs Ma Long (2018) | BEST of Japan Open