Moonset in Son Bou, Menorca

One of advantages of being an early bird and having the hotel near the beach, is that you can explore the coast early when no one is around… One morning I got to see one of nicest moonset so far… Sunsets are also amazing in Son Bou, but I’ll leave that for another #photostory… For now enjoy the moonset and the coast walk - click on a picture to start the gallery:

This morning was earlier, and I could catch the moonset in all its glory... Getting closer to the sea... Even closer... The closest... Follow the trail along the coast... Reached the dead end... Spectacular view of the sea hitting the vertical rocks... Selfie time... The sun is rising, so it's time to go back to the hotel... Back at the starting point, time to take a jump while nobody is still there... Are they still asleep? Till later... that time will be more of us...
Moonset in Son Bou, Menorca #photostory

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